Kendall has been my life saver. A year ago, I was going through a challenging time in my life stemming from first responder work related stress issues, to a recent long term traumatic relationship breakup, and personal changes in a couple of different areas. Thus, I came to Kendall because I was out of balance, stressed out, an emotional wreck and having some physical ailments. 

Kendall always starts our session by asking me what’s going on for me. She listens attentively to my health, physical and emotional concerns and tailors each session to address the things we talked about. No two sessions are ever the same. She keeps me looking forward to each session because of her caring, compassionate, calm, knowledgeable and professional manner. 

She expertly guides me through different yoga positions while talking me through each position acknowledging my strength, limitations and flexibility, and providing other healing modalities, like guided meditation or breathing or diet suggestions to help me heal my ailments and thrive. And it’s been working!! 

I just love my sessions with Kendall because afterwards I feel mentally lifted and physically better! And she keeps me on track for wellness by suggesting applicable challenges until we meet again. She is the best yoga therapist!


It would be difficult to emphasize further how profoundly Kendall’s healing power has benefited my husband and I. Kendall is patient with even the most basic and fundamental yogis; I wouldn’t think a more knowledgable, dedicated and thorough instructor is available. We started with a myriad of injuries which Kendall addressed tactically and thoughtfully. Last week for, after 6+ years of sustained pain, my husband was able to fully arch his foot. He is almost able to touch his toes! We are infinitely grateful to Kendall for her instruction and have reiterated the power of her services to many friends. Thanks, Kendall, your service is truly second to none! We are extremely grateful to have you!

J & B

Working this job [firefighting] for the past 13 years I have had “normal” aches and pains associated with firefighting. Normal being back, hip, shoulder and neck pain. I show up to work and shake it off because once I step on the engine its go, go, go. I take time to pt and train as much as possible, but the aches and pains would linger.  Since practicing yoga with Kendall I have had fewer instances of those “normal”, stiff, old injuries lingering around. This practice has proven to me that at the advanced age of 32 stretching and yoga are a necessity. One dedicated hour, one day of your shift to breath, stretch, and focus on your body and mind is like hitting a reset button for me. One hour out of the seventy-two, pulls me back from needing to get “it” done now. At this point I have full buy in to the benefits of practicing yoga I have begun stretching daily and practicing yoga on my days off. My old injuries are still there but not nearly to the extent that they were only six months ago. I have lost weight, become more flexible, and am learning to be more “present”. A big thank you to Kendall for bringing this practice to myself and my crew.

Josh K.

Kendall Anne Yoga has made a huge difference for my physical well being in such a short time! [4 sessions] With one on one sessions I am able to get personalized instruction which has helped my chronic back pain. And with short, simple, daily “homework” movements added to my once a week sessions I have seen results quickly. She understands the job of a first responder and is adaptable to our unpredictable schedules. I have had a great experience and I highly recommend it!!

Dan R.

It has been my great pleasure and a blessing to be able to participate in Kendall’s yoga classes. As everyone knows our job as firefighters is physically and mentally taxing. With this small hour of yoga, I definitely have noticed a difference in my flexibility, physical recovery and mental wellness.  I would recommend this class to anyone in our field and very pleased to say that Kendall caters to anyone’s skill level from extreme novice to yogi master. I very much hope that this great class get to continue to grow so more people can experience the mental and physical wellness of yoga. 

Andy C.

“I couldn’t ask for a better compassionate and caring person to reintroduce yoga back into my life. Kendall is attentive to each individual’s skills and always reminds us to be kind and gentle to ourselves – advice that can me applied to our daily routine.”

Daniel T.

“I have had the opportunity to experience yoga with Kendall both at the studio where I practice as well as at her amazing Contemplate & Connect retreat.

Kendall is not only a skilled yoga teacher but a peaceful and calming presence for all who interact with her.

Make no mistake —  her quiet nature does not mean she is timid or meek. Quite the opposite! Kendall is a mature, grounded, intuitive and powerful teacher.

I love her classes because they are challenging, centering, and most of all – fun! 

We call Kendall’s Sunday morning class “church” because it’s a great way to connect with spirit and get charged up for a new week ahead.”

Margaret L.

“Every class that I have taken with Kendall has been great. Her passion for helping people and curiosity for life brings powerful intention to her teaching. Her yoga knowledge and dedication to personal growth provides a great environment for any yogi’s practice.”

Jack S.

“Kendall leads with intuitive sensitivity, creative technique and personalized care for each class participant. She’s a healer in her own way, always bringing her heart to her practice as she leads. My yoga practice with Kendall has been truly transformative.”

Christiana R.

“I have had the privilege of attending Kendall’s yoga classes at the Southwestern Yacht Club since they started approximately in Feb. 2017. Several members of the class have never taken yoga prior to this opportunity. Kendall explains the various moves with rationale as to how they support your overall health… Her instructions are always calm and soothing… Kendall’s knowledge of yoga is quite impressive, centering your mind, body and soul. She respects each individuals space and always asks if they are ok with hands on adjustments in positions and if they want the lavender mist toward the end of the class (it’s wonderful). Kendall is always professional and kind. We love her and I highly recommend her!”

Susan W.