Josh K.

Working this job [firefighting] for the past 13 years I have had “normal” aches and pains associated with firefighting. Normal being back, hip, shoulder and neck pain. I show up to work and shake it off because once I step on the engine its go, go, go. I take time to pt and train as much as possible, but the aches and pains would linger.  Since practicing yoga with Kendall I have had fewer instances of those “normal”, stiff, old injuries lingering around. This practice has proven to me that at the advanced age of 32 stretching and yoga are a necessity. One dedicated hour, one day of your shift to breath, stretch, and focus on your body and mind is like hitting a reset button for me. One hour out of the seventy-two, pulls me back from needing to get “it” done now. At this point I have full buy in to the benefits of practicing yoga I have begun stretching daily and practicing yoga on my days off. My old injuries are still there but not nearly to the extent that they were only six months ago. I have lost weight, become more flexible, and am learning to be more “present”. A big thank you to Kendall for bringing this practice to myself and my crew.