Kendall has been my life saver. A year ago, I was going through a challenging time in my life stemming from first responder work related stress issues, to a recent long term traumatic relationship breakup, and personal changes in a couple of different areas. Thus, I came to Kendall because I was out of balance, stressed out, an emotional wreck and having some physical ailments. 

Kendall always starts our session by asking me what’s going on for me. She listens attentively to my health, physical and emotional concerns and tailors each session to address the things we talked about. No two sessions are ever the same. She keeps me looking forward to each session because of her caring, compassionate, calm, knowledgeable and professional manner. 

She expertly guides me through different yoga positions while talking me through each position acknowledging my strength, limitations and flexibility, and providing other healing modalities, like guided meditation or breathing or diet suggestions to help me heal my ailments and thrive. And it’s been working!! 

I just love my sessions with Kendall because afterwards I feel mentally lifted and physically better! And she keeps me on track for wellness by suggesting applicable challenges until we meet again. She is the best yoga therapist!