Kendall is an Experienced Yoga Teacher and is currently in the process of becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist – she specializes in one on one private virtual yoga sessions with a therapeutic approach.

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“After visiting extensive yoga studios throughout San Diego, I am very grateful to have found Kendall! I have attended morning yoga classes with her for several months and it is my pleasure to write this endorsement. Kendall brings wonderful poise and mindfulness to our classes. I appreciate her attention to pace and breath, her consistent attention to the mental and physical aspects of yoga practice, and that she offers modifications for individuals who want more challenge or more surrender. As a Yin/Restorative yoga fan, I am thrilled with Kendall’s abilities and I selfishly look forward to even deeper experiences she continues to learn.”

Emily G.

Working this job [firefighting] for the past 13 years I have had “normal” aches and pains associated with firefighting. Normal being back, hip, shoulder and neck pain. I show up to work and shake it off because once I step on the engine its go, go, go. I take time to pt and train as much as possible, but the aches and pains would linger.  Since practicing yoga with Kendall I have had fewer instances of those “normal”, stiff, old injuries lingering around. This practice has proven to me that at the advanced age of 32 stretching and yoga are a necessity. One dedicated hour, one day of your shift to breath, stretch, and focus on your body and mind is like hitting a reset button for me. One hour out of the seventy-two, pulls me back from needing to get “it” done now. At this point I have full buy in to the benefits of practicing yoga I have begun stretching daily and practicing yoga on my days off. My old injuries are still there but not nearly to the extent that they were only six months ago. I have lost weight, become more flexible, and am learning to be more “present”. A big thank you to Kendall for bringing this practice to myself and my crew.

Josh K.

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